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Congratulations and welcome to the exciting and enchanting country of Brazil. Whether you’re a first time visitor or a devoted returnee you’re about to unveil a country richly sainted in history, topography, climate, diversity and yes, adventure. A country of such majestic size, resources and natural bewilderment that you will hardly know where to begin your travel journey. From thousands of miles of deserted, pristine, sun-kissed beaches to the amazing Amazon Jungle, waterfalls rivaling and often exceeding those found anywhere in the world, a geographical divergence unmatched not only in its size but its unique and magnanimous splendor, Brazil encompasses countless possibilities each rewarding you with lifelong memories.

Water Recreation in Brazil.

Picture of a beach in Salvador de BahiaIncredibly this South American country’s coastline begins above the equator and extends itself almost to the Antarctica Circle! Fish the emerald sea or kayak the calm waters, surf the thundering waves, explore the secret coves, windsurf on the wings of an Atlantic breeze, snorkel or scuba dive the shimmering blue waters reveling amongst the brightly colored tropical fish. Or simply relax with a leisurely stroll occasionally digging your toes in the black sands, marveling the kaleidoscope of changing shapes of sunlight, or admiring natures ability to reveal formations of rain bowed coral and craggy rock compositions only to have them suddenly disappear as your feet are cooled by the tepid tides and natures wonderment’s are once again sent into seclusion .

But the beaches in Brazil are not the only attraction for the water enthusiast. Brazil is endowed with hundreds of rivers and waterfalls each adorned with tropical fauna. Whether it’s tubing down a gentle tributary, the exhilaration of a raft as it meets the churning of white water, cave-diving into underground caverns rarely visited by human contact, or even fishing along the banks of the Amazon for the adrenalizing Piranha. If water adventure is within your travel itinerary, Brazil is the place to go.

Land and Air Recreation.

Picture of a girl in Brazilian Carnival DressUp to the task? Brazil answers the challenge. How about an off-road safari, with or without a driver thru narrow roads of rain forest fully encompassed by fields of orchids, eventually leading to a foot path where you board an inflatable boat to an island to view magnificent falls in their eye-popping grandeur. The embodiment of the cyclists is also captured throughout the countryside, along the beaches and in the cities weaving along a latticework of trails and paths. Rock climbers and hikers too will find a haven from the most casual of strollers, to those wishing to test nature’s most severe vertical -challenges. Or if reaching for the sky is your high, hop aboard a hot air balloon, strap on a parachute, buckle-up a para glider or simply sit back in a helicopter and soak up the panoramic vistas of Brazil.

Why Brazil?

If adventure alone is not compelling enough to visit Brazil consider the fact that the Picture of flag in Brazilpeople of Brazil are among the friendliest and most hospitable in the world. The delectable cuisine of beef, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables scrumptiously prepared using indigenous spices. And golf is rapidly becoming popular with a growing number of world-class destinations. Accommodations too are plentiful, appealing to a broad spectrum of budgets, styles and tastes. Opting for an all-inclusive resort, an international hotel chain, an intimate bungalow or a secluded eco-lodge allows you the freedom to gain the maximum value for your travel dollar. Using hotels or resorts as your vacation base, tour Brazil at your leisure. Our travel vacation sponsors will accommodate your every need and desire.

Brazil. An unforgettable travel experience.

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