About Brazil

An enormous playground of beauty, wilderness, adventure and relaxation.

Brazil (named after the Brazilwood tree) and all its enormity (fifth largest country in the world) capitalizes on its size by unleashing a wealth of recreational activities equal to its geography. The largest country in South America, Brazil lays border to every country in South America except Chile and Ecuador. Noted for its non-conforming yet socially affable people, Brazilians themselves love to take advantage of and share with the eager traveler all the natural riches and treasures bestowed upon their scenic homeland. Having access to all of Brazils prized possessions is hardly possible in a lifetime, but as each piece becomes a part of you, whether it’s the white sand and blue water beaches, bass fishing, the tropical Amazon rain forest, the boundless historic architecture, the partying atmosphere of Festival or genuine hospitality of the friends you meet and keep, lifelong memories will be emblazoned in your soul, only to be re-lit by a burning desire to perpetually add more pieces. Brazil awaits you!

Info on Brazil.
Brazil is a Federative Republic largely dependent on sectors of manufacturing, mining, agriculture and tourism. It contains a wide disparity of economic incomes but its domination lies generally in the middle class.

Population of Brazil: About 180 million people. Ethnic groups consist of 55% White, 38% mixed (White and Black) 6% Black and 1% other (Portuguese, Italian, German, Japanese, Amerindian).

Religion: 70% Roman Catholic

Language: Officially Portuguese, also English, Spanish and French.

Capital: Brasilia

Currency: Brazilian Real, with an oscillating exchange rate around on official cote of R$2.90.

Climate: Tropical, though southern areas are more temperate.

It is important to note that a Visa is required for those U.S. citizens traveling to Brazil.