Brasilia. Capital City of Brazil

Located near the geographic center of Brazil resides the capital city of Brasilia. If casting about for the lesser publicized sights such as the beaches and jungle, and your hunger is spurred toward the tastes of history, religion, government, cathedrals, monuments, churches, and more, then Brasilia will bear exceptional fruit. Brasilia’s year round temperate climate makes available a wonderful exploration of this cities treasured landmarks, such as the country’s congress (Congress Nacional), or the highest court in the land, The Supremo Tribunal Federal, one can even view the official residence of the president.

Plentiful too are the museums and memorials within the city’s infrastructure. Museau da Cidade, Panteao da Patria, and Espaco Lucio Costa along with three sculptures, Niemeyer, Ceschiatti and Giorgi. One will stand in awe upon gazing upward at the Torre de Televisao (Television Tower) which thrusts itself almost seven hundred feet into the sky. This you’ve got to see as a platform has been constructed 225 feet up; accessible to the adventurous visitor who despite the harrowing climb will be richly compensated by the dazzling Brazilian sunset.