Brazilian Flag

Picture of flag in BrazilLike most flags, the Brazilian flag embodies more than a fanciful bolt of cloth. It is representational and symbolic of its people, history, natural resources, expectations and more. Elements and facets are carefully and purposely designed to paint a picture expressing and depicting their nations pride and purpose to the rest of the world and as a reminder to those of its own.

The official flag of Brazil was adopted on May 11th 1992. Its adaptation was that of an earlier flag created on November 15th 1889 when the Republic was proclomated following the dethroning of the last emperor or Brazil, Dom Pedro II. The flag itself contains a blue circular southern sky with 27 pointed stars, each one representing a state and the Federal District. The stars are arranged as constellations as viewed on the night of conception of the flag in Rio de Janeiro. A banner across the sphere, outlined in white (Peace), reads “ORDEM EPROGRESSO” (Order And Progress) in Portuguese. This spheroid sits within a surrounding yellow (Wealth) triangle placed upon a green (Vegetation, Agriculture) rectangular pennant forming the creation of the flag.

Drawing of the Brazil Flag