Florianopolis Brazil. Land of Sun, Sand, and Surf

Floripa, more popularly known as Florianopolis, is situated in the state of Santa Catarina off the southern coast of Brazil. This beautiful island, thirty-one miles long and eleven miles wide, beckons many a traveler to experience one or more of the forty-two sandy beaches that call Florianopolis home.

Each of these beaches has a unique flavor and atmosphere that intrigues and delights any adventurer. Most of the beaches, complete with gorgeous white sands and warm, balmy breezes that caress the skin, are within a short drive, between eight and thirty miles, of downtown Florianopolis.

Although it is situated on one of the world’s most sensational islands, this paradise is not without commercialized civilization. The Hercilio Luz Bridge, providing easy access, connects Florianopolis to the Brazilian mainland and neighboring countries of Argentina and Uruguay. This suspension bridge is the longest of its kind in Brazil.

Once the home of the Carijos Indians, this subtropical paradise offers a look into the past. Interesting rock inscriptions and sambaquis, piles of shells, are current reminders that these early inhabitants left their distinctive mark on the island. Spaniards and Portuguese explorers also made this beautiful place their home. Newcomers of different ethnic backgrounds also add to the island’s rich cultural identity.

Cascading waterfalls, fresh water lagoons, natural flora and fauna, majestic mountains, sandy beaches, rocky coasts, and crystal waters captivate at every turn. At the very center of the island lies the Lagoa da Conceicão, a large lake.

Sports enthusiasts may never want to leave this island due to the variety of activities available. High adventure activities, such as windsurfing, paragliding, kite surfing, snorkeling, and kayaking provide exciting and exhilarating moments of pleasure.

Mother Nature provides the strong winds and the crisp, clear water while island inhabitants provide the necessary equipment and instruction.

The months between August and December are the best time to enjoy these sports. In fact, Florianopolis has been noted as one of the best windsurfing locations in Brazil due to its abundance of hilltops. An equal abundance of shallow areas provide safety for the novice windsurfer who is attempting to get his feet wet with this sport for the first time.

Schools of tainha, the island’s largest fish migrate between the months of May and July. In order to protect the fish, surfing is prohibited during this time. Many surf spots exist on the island. Every January, local surfing championships take place in Joaquina.

Peruse the vibrant visage of the Atlantic Ocean as you glide off the Moro Da Lagoa. Afterwards, explore the waters and their salt-water splendor close up as you kayak or take a turn at surfing. If you need some quiet time, hang gliding, the quiet flying sport, offers a relaxing communion with Mother Nature.

Less vigorous activities, abundantly offered on the island, include sailing, fishing, mountain biking, hiking, and walking tours. Recreational activities span various levels and include appropriate ones for children too.

A carnival is held every year in February or early March. Craft markets take place on Sundays. Handcrafted items, available for purchase, are sold throughout the majority of the island. Straw, ceramics, and wicker are among the most popular items.

Many ecologically minded groups attempt to keep the natural beauty of the island intact. The mainland offers shopping and other commercial aspects. Therefore, over development of this subtropical paradise is easily avoided. Some areas, such as, Lagoa do Peri, are sanctioned by the local park authority as a natural reserve. However, low level adventures, including hiking and bird watching, provide rewarding opportunities in this scenic locale.

Culture draws the interest of many a traveler and captures their soul as they gaze upon the artwork of local artists and listen to the melodic tunes of local musicians wafting through the air. Nightclubs and bars treat adults to an exciting nightlife and a varied selection of musical sounds, complete with drinks flavored with real fruit. Beaches lit with candles, weekly bonfires, romantic music, and interesting people create an enticing atmosphere.

Whether you prefer buffet style or a sit down meal, you will not be disappointed in Florianopolis. Restaurants dish up a variety of cuisine sure to tantalize the human taste buds. From Argentinean or Brazilian flavored menus to tasty seafood courses.

Luxury resorts and spas provide accommodations that offer quality services equal to that of any international stay. A variety of beach houses are offered for vacationers looking to enjoy a simpler and more casual stay.

Discover why it is that the inhabitants not only call Florianopolis “Paradise Island,” but also believe it to truly be a paradise. Come and visit the island that makes you feel like you are dreaming. Please feel free to check out our sponsor links to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to save money not only on transportation, but on accommodations as well.