Quick Facts

Brazil Quick Facts & Info
Brazil’s Official Name: “Federal Republic of Brazil”
Brazil’s Capital City: Brasilia. Read more about Brasilia

System of Government
Brazil is a multi-party political system that holds democratic elections for president, senators, representatives, state governors, mayors and city councils. It is interesting to note that Brazil leads the world in online electronic voting with over 100 million voters (2004).

Brazil’s Land Mass
Brazil is the largest country in South America at 3,286,470 square miles, occupying almost 50% of the South American continent. It borders every South American country except Chili and Ecuador. About 58% of Brazil is covered with forests including the world’s largest rainforest in the Amazon River Basin.

Brazil’s Population: About 180 million people.
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National Flower: The Ipe-amarelo (Tecoma chrysostricha)

National Bird: Sabià-laranjeira (Thrush)
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Visit the Brazilian Embassy website for extended information about Brazil including its Economy, Science & Technology, Environment, Social Issues and Foreign Policy.