A basic guide to wall cleaning

We have all been there when having our walls repainted seemed to be the most mesmerizing tactic of all in order to get rid of the old crustiness which just added to the ugliness of marks of pencils and coffee stains. Well, as providers of professional cleaning services in Dubai, here we would like to tell you this one small secret about cleaning walls, which is: they need to be cleaned thoroughly before repainting.

Now this may sound like a foolish idea to be paying cleaning services to clean walls which are going to be repainted and look as new but one thing which we all forget about is the consequences which this small action may lead to.

There are different wall cleaning techniques followed by cleaning services in Dubai which we will discuss below:

  • The easiest way to get rid of all of your responsibilities while making sure that the job is also done is by wiping the walls clean with a simple cloth which removes dust and dirt.
  • But if you are well aware that your wall needs more than just a wipe then opt for a detergent soaked damp cloth which removes all the grease and wax stains. Rinse the solution off with clean water and allow it to dry.
  • If you are feeling a little more adventurous or just on the verge of OCD then you may want to consider the option of grease cutting. This is usually essential for the kitchen walls where we know that grease is the most splashed on.

You may be wondering what is the reason behind cleaning walls this thoroughly, well the answer is that all the grease or wax or dirt which is stuck to the surface prevents the paint from adhering smoothly to the walls. Ranging from cobwebs to grease there is a variety of things which can prevent this from happening. This is the reason why your paint seems to wear off earlier than expected and you have to repaint them in no time.

Yes you can surely skip the step when you know there is no dirt or crayon marks or pets present in the house. But in order to judge that, you will need to have a completely unbiased opinion and judgement. See if you are skipping it off to save money from cleaning services or you are true to yourself?