Games to play with balloons

Games to play with balloons

Balloons are something that attracts kids a lot and if you want to make them busy then the best way is to have them play with balloons and they will play for hours. You can see a lot of different games out there that kids can play while they stay inside the house in hotter days or colder nights when they cannot go out to play with their friends. You can have some balloons of good quality so they don’t pop easily from the good balloon shop in Sharjah and search for a few online games to make them play. To get more ideas you can visit website or you can see these easy to assemble and play games here:

Tap to reach:

This is the game that will need a few of the items that you may already have in your house or you can get them from any art and craft store. In this game you need some disposable plates, a few Popsicle sticks, tape or glue and some balloons. This will be amazing when there are a few kids at home or you need game in a party. First glue the sticks to the one side of the plate so kids can hold them and then you have to inflate some balloons and make sure that you don’t use helium for that otherwise the balloons will not come to the ground while paying. Then ask kids to take the balloons from one corner to the other by having them on the plate without dropping.

Car race:

This is a very fun game but kids cannot do this alone as they need the assistance of some elders in that. In a party you can have some tapes placed on the floor by making different lanes and then have some smaller cars. On the cars you have to glue a straw in the V shape so you can place the balloon on one side of the straw and air will go out from the other side. Inflate the balloons and place them on one side of straw then everyone will place the car on one lane while having a finger on the other side of straw. On the mark of three releases the cars by removing finger and then wait to see whose car will reach to finish-lane first.

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