Things to Know About Toyota Prado

Big cars are for the ultimate car lovers because we know that maintaining such cars is heck of thing to do and there are many of us who love cars but don’t like to maintain them. And we search for cars that require minimum maintenance and that is why Toyota is the best at the self-maintenance game because mostly these cars are made to last long and they require very less maintenance as compared to other cars of different brands. Toyota launched at least 20 different cars each year and, in this figure, they make cars for countries with different demands and needs but they also make heavy duty cars which are said to be beasts for any kind of drive.

Each year, just like other cars, Toyota also launches a brand new model of its Prado. This is the car that is said to be famous among the rich and it is a fact as well, because this is a very expensive car and it is said to be the quiet as a luxury car in certain conditions of course. It has a rattle turbo supported engine of 2.8 liters which is runs like a road runner but without anyone knowing it because it is silent as the winter’s evenings. Even though most Prado cars of different brands do have a lot of noise when it climbs the inclines but this heavy duty and four wheel drive climbs all heights with letting anyone know. And most Prado cars are said to be unsafe when they drive through roundabouts and when they have to lean in corners, this is because of its tall suspension and off-road tyres but Toyota’s Prado has super powerful brakes which making is even more safer. Check here to get Toyota Hilux in Dubai.

The Prado is a tall, wide and a long car which when you will get inside you will get a 4 feet rise above the ground and when you will be entering a mall, you will think twice because malls these days are making parking grounds that have very low roofs and you might have to see a parking space outside the mall. Also, the U-turns in the parking are small and it can make a U-turn of 11.4 meters which is very less.