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Home remedies to treat sensitivity

Teeth sensitivity are emerging problem now a days and it can not be treated. You will just have to avoid the foods that are causing sensitivity on your teeth. You can use different remedies such as use of tooth paste or use of mouth wash but there is no proper treatment discovered by pediatric dentists in Dubai. You can also go for different home remedies to reduce sensitivity but it can not be completely eradicated. Some of the home remedies of teeth sensitivity have been given in this article. You can use them to reduce your sensitivity. 

Hot water with salt:

Salt acts as best antiseptic and it has been in use since centuries to reduce inflammation. So it is best to reduce inflammation of teeth. so if you are feeling sensitivity or any other sort of pain in your teeth then you can use salt by adding in hot water. You should add half or third fourth of table spoon of salt in lukewarm water. And then you should do gargle with it. It will give your relief in few hours. 

Hydrogen peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide is best antiseptic and it is also used to sterilize cuts and wounds. You can also use hydrogen peroxide to reduce inflammation of your gums. It is easily available in pharmacies. You should add 3 cups of hydrogen peroxide in one cup of lukewarm water and then you should gargles with it. 


As we all know that, turmeric is best anti-inflammatory agent and it has been in use since ancient times. It is best to use as remedy for oral health. You can massage paste of turmeric on your teeth and it will reduce inflammation and pain in your teeth. to make its paste, you should add few drops of water in turmeric and thick paste will be formed. 

Honey with warm water:

Honey is considered as anti bacterial and it is best to for wound management. So it is also used to reduce inflammation of teeth. you should use honey with warm water. 

Vanilla extract:

Vanilla extract has best antiseptic activity and it is also used to treat babies when they are feeling discomfort. You can use vanilla extract with your cotton balls and then you will have to apply it on your teeth for few minutes. You should apply this process for 2 to 3 times a day.

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