Brazil Travel Vacation Health and Medical How Poor Dental Care Can Affect Your Health in Multiple Ways

How Poor Dental Care Can Affect Your Health in Multiple Ways

How Poor Dental Care Can Affect Your Health in Multiple Ways

People don’t seem to care about their mouth and eat just about anything they like at any time of the day and night. This can be dangerous, because your mouth is the only thing that can eat, you have two body parts of just about everything but you only have a single mouth which is supposed to be your only way of feeding your body with nutrition and proteins and if you ruin that by not taking care of that. It can cause some devastating diseases inside the human body. You might not believe it but this is proven from different doctors and it is also proven from the American Dental Association.

Some people have developed cardiovascular diseases. In this disease, if you keep eating anything without taking care of your mouth like gargling or brushing daily, the excessive plaque in your mouth travels to the arteries of your heart and that plaque will stick in the walls of the arteries. If this happens, your bloodstream will slow down due to blockage and tightness in the blood pumping in your body. You will have to get different kinds of scan to see that the symptom in true and if it is, you need to get a bypass, where the heart is taken out of the body and the body gets to have an artificial pumping heart and then the heart is cleaned and the doctors put it back. 10 out of 7 people survive the heart bypass. And it costs a lot even if you have an insurance. So, brushing once will keep you away from these problems.

You won’t believe but not taking care of your oral health can cause you Alzheimer’s disease as well and at this point you must be wondering how? This is because of the gingivitis which can develop inside your mouth and it travels straight to the brain and makes some pretty bad damages and ending you up wit Alzheimer’s disease. Doctors also say that kids who get pneumonia in a small age is because they don’t brush daily while there are some doctors who say that this theory is false. But those who say that this theory is false also say that different lungs problems are affected due to gum problems as well.

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