Valentine’s Day for a diabetes patient

Pink hearts and red roses, teddy bears and chocolates – oh wait no chocolates for you because it doesn’t matter if you have a date or not you do have diabetes with you all the time. All the fun joys of valentine comes crashing down on you because one snack which speaks Valentine’s Day also happens to be the snack which is poison for diabetic patients. So does that mean you don’t get to spend Valentine but instead stick to your healthy diet plan? Nope. Here we have got you a unique diabetic diet plan for Valentine’s Day or special occasions.

  • Say no to complimentary

Complimentary starters such as the fried chips or garlic bread or any such thing is everyone’s favourite. Some people even choose a specific restaurant just for the sake of the starters but there are sacrifices that one has to make for love. You will have to say no to the complimentary starters because bread contains carbohydrates which can be harmful for a diabetic patient.

  • Use LCHF method to order appetizers

LCHF method refers to the low card healthy fat portioning of appetizers. There are so many such appetizers available out there but the best part about ordering such food is that people with type 2 diabetes that have protein and vegetables before having any carbs are proven to have almost 30% lower blood sugar and insulin levels as compared to those who eat carbs before protein and vegetables.

  • Choose main course wisely

Be wise while choosing your main course because things which don’t taste sweet do not necessarily mean that they are not prone to increasing blood sugar level or insulin. Likewise carbs are not exactly as harmful when taken with smart tactics. The next thing you must be careful about is the amount of protein intake you have per meal. Even though protein is healthy for the body but excess of protein can be converted into glucose and we all know what glucose does for diabetic patients.

  • Dessert

The favourite and the most important part of the meal for Valentine’s Day is the dessert. Do yourself and your loving partner by ordering a chocolate lava cake without ice cream and having 3-4 small spoonfuls of it.

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