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How Tourism Has Helped Dubai Flourish

How Tourism Has Helped Dubai Flourish

Dubai has changed itself drastically in the past few years. They have developed and progressed to be one of the most flourishing cities of the world. The tourism in Dubai has changed the whole economy of the United Arab Emirates. And all this progress has been done in a really short time just by putting all the concentration on good marketing and production. Dubai has changed itself fully. Now there are huge buildings, offices of all the multinational companies, shopping malls, education institutes, hospitals and what not. These buildings have changed the face of Dubai.

Huge amounts of hotels have been built to accommodate the tourists. These hotels are not only huge but have added to the beauty of the city. Large amounts of dollars are earned by accommodating the tourists in these hotels. Dubai is one of the most expensive places in the world.

There are many people who don’t visit Dubai for a short period of time but they stay for longer time period. Certain houses have been built for these foreigners to live. Other than that many shopping malls have been built where these foreigners can buy their stuff. These shopping malls are rich in various brands of the whole world and you can buy clothes, shoes and makeup of your choice and from your favorite brand easily. These brands even offer special discounts and offers at occasions so tourists can save some money too. There are shopping festivals held in January, June and July, which also add to the number of tourists in the state. In these days Dubai feels like a huge shopping state with lots of food, music, exhibitions and of course shopping.

There are a number of beaches where people can go and swim and just enjoy the peaceful and soothing environment. These beaches are clean and people come especially for these beaches from distant places.

It is because of tourism that Dubai has people from all the parts of the world and reflects different cultures and traditions. In spite of being one of the most expensive cities of the world, it is one of the most visited cities due to various facilities and amusement places there. So if you have vacation or they are near and you are planning to spend your vacations with your family, then your first choice should be Dubai.